Drive for the wintry weather: Police

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ENFIELD: Police in East Hants are urging motorists to drive for the winter road conditions after responding to 19 collisions in a 10-day span.

Sgt. Bridgit Leger, with East Hants RCMP in Enfield, said all 19 of the motor vehicle collisions, as of 3 p.m. on Jan. 23, were deemed to be weather-related. No charges will be forthcoming from those mishaps.

“We’re now starting to see our winter weather with snow fall and accumulation,” said Sgt. Leger. “We’re also starting to have icy roads.

“All of the collisions have been weather-related so drivers need to adjust their driving habits in the poor weather.”

She provided some advice to those taking to the roads—give enough space between you and the vehicle in front; drive for the weather; and make sure your vehicle is ready with snow tires on and windshield clear.

“Just because the speed limit says 50 kilometres an hour, that’s for ideal driving conditions,” she said. “That’s not snow and ice covered roads.”

Another bit of advice from police—do not use the cruise control on your car in bad weather, something not many are aware of.

“If you lose traction, the vehicle will continue to accelerate if you have cruise control on,” she said. “We recommend you also drive with your headlights on.”

Sgt. Leger said during the winter officers have seen drivers not come to a full stop at an intersection as they slid right through from the road conditions.

“There have also been times where people start to pullout into an intersection, and they think they have enough time but they don’t because of the icy roads,” she said.

She said some intersections may have reduced visibility as well.

“You have to account for that too when you’re driving,” said Sgt. Leger.