Making sure every kid has a breakfast

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LANTZ: Mia Doucette has a big heart.

Mia, an energetic seven-year-old that attends Maple Ridge Elementary School in Lantz, set a goal of collecting 20 boxes of cereal for the Caring & Sharing Food Bank. She was inspired by the food drive the Grade 2 classes are doing—they’re trying to collect 100 food items before the 100th day of school.

“I wanted to do this because I want all kids to have breakfast,” said Mia, who is also a dancer with DanceZone in Elmsdale. “I think collecting food is important because now some people that might not have food and are hungry can get food from the food bank.”

She set a goal of 20; her mom Jennifer Jardine posted about the endeavour on her Facebook profile. Within a day, she had 28 boxes and counting.

“I want to get 50 now,” said Mia in an interview on the night of Feb. 6.

Mia said she feels happy and sad at the same time about collecting the cereal for the food bank.

“It makes me happy because I’m collecting food and some people do not have food,” she said. “It makes me sad because I don’t like that some people don’t have food.

“When I’m hungry my belly hurts. I don’t want people to feel that way all the time.”

She knows breakfast is an important part of the day.

“I feel all kids should have breakfast before they go to school in the morning,” said Mia.

She said she’s excited about the quick response from friends and the community in stepping up to help her surpass her initial goal.

This won’t be the last time Mia does some good for the community. She plans to do another drive in the future.

“I don’t know what I will collect,” said Mia. “I might collect some snack foods that kids like, so they can bring them to recess.”