Elijah showing the ‘Will’ to overcome

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ELMSDALE: The excitement and relief is clear as Elijah Will talks.

The Elmsdale native’s debut EP, “3AM”, has been one that he’s been working on for about two years now. He’s pretty excited to have the album, on the Halflife Records label, finally out for people to listen too. Halflife Records is an independent record label in Enfield owned by Classified.

Locals will get a chance to hear music from the EP during it’s hometown tour date at Curly Portables on Highway 2 in Enfield on Feb. 23. The show begins at 10 p.m., and runs until 2 a.m. Halifax Dj OKAY TK who will be providing additional music for the evening. Tickets are $5 each, and you must be 19-plus for entry.

When his team was going through possible tour dates, he admitted he was hesitant at first to having any hometown dates. But he’s thrilled he does.

“At the beginning when the guys were talking about tour dates, I was like no hometown shows, I don’t want to do that,” Elijah said in an interview on Feb. 5. “But this is going to be really exciting. Everybody is going to come out for this one. It’s going to be good.”

He is relieved to finally have the EP out after all the work they’ve done.

“It’s awesome that it’s done,” he said. “We still have music that were working on music now. We’re always working on new music.

“It’s a really good feeling.”

Elijah Will’s debut EP “3AM” has been released. (Eliajh Will FB page)

Right now, fans can surf to Spotify; GooglePlay; SoundCloud; or iTunes and get a glimpse of what is on the EP from the talented singer.

The debut EP, produced by Classified, includes the title song “3AM”; Temptation; Like A Fool; Problemz; Fresh Prince; and three acoustic songs, 3AM; Like A Fool; and Temptation.

In a release on UMusic.ca, it says Elijah Will started turning heads in 2015 after linking up with Classified and singing on his track “Beautiful Escape.” Since that time, Elijah Will became the first artist signed by Halflife Records.”

He got high praise from Classified himself.

“I’m excited to be part of launching Elijah’s career with Half Life Records,” said Classified (Luke Boyd). “The partnership between Half Life, Black Box, and Universal Music Canada will give new artists like Elijah Will a solid platform to release and promote their material in Canada.

“I’ve been with him since the beginning and I can’t wait for everyone to hear Elijah Will’s music and to see what’s next.”

Elijah Will said the writing for the songs involved himself, Mike Boyd, and Luke Boyd. They would each work together in creating the music for the EP.

“A lot of the motivation for the songs came from personal experiences,” said Elijah Will.

When he got started in the industry, he was known strictly as Elijah. He spoke of how his new name came about.

“At first I wanted to be Elijah. But it was to short, and it honestly is,” he said with a chuckle. “We chose Will not because it was just a name, but because it stuck out. It’s powerful. It reminds me of what I can achieve. Everyone needs the will to overcome any obstacles they face.”

The music video for “3AM” was to be released on Feb. 9.

Listening to the music, it’s clear that all the blood, sweat and even tears Elijah Will put into making “3AM” was worth it as he has a winner as his music truly does become those who listen’s music. One can only wait anxiously to see what is next for him.

Elijahn Will is coming to Curly’s in Enfield.