Getting the chill-down on Chill Street

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ELMSDALE: The owner of Chill Street Fresh Beer and Cider Market is grateful for the support from the East Hants and area community as the business, located in the Elmsdale Sobeys, nears its first anniversary.

Barry MacLeod said the business has been kept busy by customers coming to try their fresh beer and cider. Chill Street opened on June 14, 2017.

“When we are canning, we will have three or four people going steady doing it,” said MacLeod, adding they are big on letting people see the whole experience.

On its website, Chill Street says they brew world-class, fresh beer and cider on site in a “fun, unique and convenient supermarket setting.” It also says saying everything they brew is done on-site using fine ingredients from around the world. All of their beers are fermented in small batches, free from any preservatives or additives.

MacLeod said they are doing a Beer 101 tasting tour, which involves interested businesses and people with half of them tasting beer with food and the other half are shown how it’s made and getting the opportunity to can their own product.

“And then we swap,” he said.

It’s been seven months since the doors opened, but it seems much longer for MacLeod.

“Sometimes I think we’ve been opened longer,” he said with a smile. “We’re still learning, too.”

He opens one of the fridges that keeps the cider and beers chilled, picks up a can and shows that one of the unique aspects for his business is that each can includes a list of food it is nicely paired with so customers know. Thirty six per cent of their sales are from people snapping together their own cans.

“It’s really neat,” he said. “We’ve noticed some people like more than one, so what we’ve done is customers can take this snap can holder and pick up four different cans if they so chose as our six per cent is priced the same as our 4.2 per cent.”

They also have merchandise for sale. One big aspect is supporting the community, and one of the initiatives they did, was support Corridor Community Options for Adults (CCOA).

“We’re here to give back to the community, too,” he said.

He said local businesses have begun to offer Chill Street on their menus.

Some of the new services they plan include selling by the keg, home delivery and looking at adding party grocery delivery, and partnering with pizza and Chinese food eateries.

MacLeod is thrilled with the community’s support.

“It’s been really good,” he said. “They’ve been great in jumping up and getting on board in supporting us.”