Dome damaged by Nor’easter winds

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Timeline unknown for Dome re-opening

LANTZ: Officials at the East Hants Sportsplex say the timeline for the Fieldhouse Dome to be back up and operating is unknown.

The sight of the dome down on the ground is what greeted employees and those heading inside the rink March 14 for hockey practices or to use the walking track. Those walkers saw that a table and yellow caution tape blocked the entrance with a notice say the Dome would be closed until further notice.

If you went up to the second level at the Sportsplex and loo0ked out the window in the East Hants Minor Hockey Association office, you could get a clearer idea of the exact damage as a rip in the closest corner is saw and some of the turf underneath the Dome where soccer, rugby and other events takes place on is exposed to the snow and elements.

The balloon shape of the Dome towering above the parking lot is no more for the time being after it collapsed due to damage likely caused by the Nor’easter winds. (Healey photo)

Scott Forward, General Manager at the Sportsplex, told The Weekly Press on March 14 that it came down overnight due to the winds and there was indeed damage to it. He said the manufacturer was sending a repair team, which were expected to arrive in Lantz in a couple days.

He said in the meantime, the dome will be closed. He said it could be closed upwards of a week.

The damage will impact several sports groups, including a March Break Soccer camp that was taking place there and had to be moved.

There is a bright light to the unfortunate incident though, Forward said.

“No one was hurt or inside when it came down,” he said.