‘Pur-fect’ helpers

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Stewiacke students collect items for Sympathetic Ear Animal Rescue

STEWIACKE: The 57 fur babies at Sympathetic Ear Animal Rescue (SEARS) are ‘purring’ in delight and thanks to two kind-hearted young girls from Stewiacke.

Selena Benjamin and Selina McDonald both wanted to help the cute rescue animals that SEARS takes in. So they did a fundraising drive at their school, Winding River Consolidated in Stewiacke.

“We wanted to help the cute furry animals,” said Selena with excitement. “I hope it helps the little animals.”

“We wanted to be able to help them have stuff they may not,” added Selina.

Selena, 11, has previously adopted from SEARS, run by Erin Lynch. Her family adopted Charley from the non-profit animal rescue organization three years ago.

She said they started off by collecting facts about SEARS online, and then took that info to teacher Ms. Cox.

Selina said it was pretty cool to collect more than $300 in donations for SEARS.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said the Grade 5 student. “I didn’t think we’d get as many donations as we did. It’ll help the little kitties a lot.”

Lynch said the donations will be a huge help to the volunteer-run group.

“I think that they are this young and showing how much they care,” she said. “To the rescue, what doesn’t it mean. It means the animals will have more food, litter, toys, beds, kitty litter, all stuff that we need.

“This donation is going to help a lot.”