Makayla Lynn snags ECMA award

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BELNAN: It’s not hard to see how much winning the Country Recording of the Year ECMA means to Makayla Lynn.

The Belnan songstress picked up the hardware at the East Coast Music Awards, held May 2-6 in Halifax. She beat out other artists with her “On a Dare and Prayer” album, which she also co-produced alongside Nashville-based Smith Curry, who’s worked as a sideman with top artists like Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts, just to name a couple.

In an email interview on May 7 with The Weekly Press, it was clear Makayla Lynn was still in awe of the past 24 hours. She said the award is much more than a simple awards trophy.

”’On a Dare and a Prayer’ represents almost two years of my young life dedicated to conveying who I am and what I want to be recognized for,” said the HERH student. “It was figuring out the right balance of staying true to myself, but having a cohesive album that people would want to play from beginning to end and feel something for.”

The album was her first time producing.

“I was fortunate enough to sit next to someone who has become like a brother to me in the co-captain chair,” she said. “It was the start of many new friendships with co-writers and musicians that I know I will carry my entire career. It was finding quiet places at school to hide and review mixes, and way too many missed days at school and days spent playing catch up, but that’s another story.

According to The National Post, Makayla Lynn, 16, is the youngest winner ever in ECMA history.

Makayla Lynn said it all began with belief in her from FACTOR as well as other incredible people she can only call angels, who helped it become reality.

“This ECMA represents me, my teenage years and my love for music, and I couldn’t be more honoured to have been recognized,” she said.

Enfield artist Classified, along with Indigenous dancers, performed his hit “Powerless” during the May 3 part of the ECMA awards show.

Another group with East Hants connections, Coig, took home the Roots Traditional Album of the Year. Darren McMullen, who grew up in Hardwood Lands, is a member of the band.