Community Garden set to bloom

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LANTZ: The community of Lantz is about to have a beautiful welcoming to those travelling through it in front of Corridor Community Church.

Amy Silver and Pastor Ryan Raymer from the church said the Corridor Community Garden is starting to take shape. They were motivated as a way to reach back into the community and get involved.

Silver, the garden coordinator, said it will sit on 1,700 square feet of land to plant in. Shaw Brick has designed the plan to help the stone they are donating go further.

Raymer said there has been a lot of confirmation of having a garden on the church property for the community to share in as it blooms.

“Within one week I had three conversations about a garden here, and they were completely unrelated,” he said.

Raymer said there is a lot of work—from donations from the community to volunteer hours.

“The big pieces are supplied by Kel-Greg who is coming to clear the land, making a pond on the one side to make the land usable on the other side,” said Raymer. “Shaw Brick has been a big help too. A lot of local companies have stepped up.”

He said among those pitching in are: the Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop; Leisure Time Pools; Pro Tx; Elmsdale Vision; and East Coast Detailing.

“The municipality has been so great to work with too and helpful in this process,” said Raymer.


Raymer said the community is welcomed to get involved. They can do so by following “Corridor Garden” on Facebook; and their Instagram at “Corridor Community Garden.”

The big kickoff is being tentatively scheduled for June 2.

“If anyone wants to get their hands dirty come on out,” said Raymer.

Silver said they are looking for volunteers who can help them out.

“Any carpenters or bricklayers are more than welcome to come out and give us a hand in building it,” she said.

There is still a lot of work before the idea can become reality. Raymer said people can donate the natural brown mulch if they want too.

“We need strong arms and backs for laying the stone, as we’re doing stone garden beds, mulch and soil the week after,” said Raymer.

Silver is amazed at the support from the community.

“The support has been incredible,” she said. “We can’t say enough about the local people and businesses wanting to get involved. It’s overwhelming.”

Raymer said as soon as you drive into Lantz, the view people see will change.

“As soon as you drive in, you’re going to see something where Lantz is represented in such a beautiful way,” he said.