Olivia Craig has a big heart for the IWK

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OAKFIELD: Olivia Craig might be small, but she’s making a big impact on the lives of those children at the IWK.

Olivia, a Grade 4 student at Oldfield Consolidated School in Enfield, has been donating to the IWK Telethon for the past four years. She does it for a now-deceased friend from Grade 1 Andrew Kennedy from the Annapolis Valley who had a brain tumour, but unfortunately didn’t make it to Grade 2.

She collects recyclables with her neighbour from the area and takes them to the bottle depot. She also held a lemonade stand for the many people coming and going to Oakfield Provincial Park, near her home.

“It was a great spot on those hot summer days,” she said.

Andrew loved police, eagles, skunks, and garbage trucks. He was made an honourary RCMP member in the Valley before his death.

The 10-year-old has raised $1,800 in the past four years—$1,060 alone this year. Her first year she donated $48.

“I think all my friends are proud of what I have raised,” said Olivia. “I had a lot of fun doing it. I feel happy about it, because Andrew meant a lot to me.”

She made the cheque presentation live CTV Atlantic during the IWK Telethon. Her friends were excited for her, she said.

“They were excited that I got to be on TV and that I reached my goal,” said Olivia.

What’s her goal for next year? $1,500. Does she think she can reach that?

“I think so,” said Olivia with a smile, “at least get around it.”

So if you’re going to Oakfield Park this summer, and you see a young girl selling lemonade, stop by and buy some. You’ll be helping Olivia reach her goal of $1,500.