Chill Street, Tide Fest team up to launch cider

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ELMSDALE: Nothing compliments a warm summer day like an ice-cold cider. Unless it’s a cider that gives back to local communities.

Chill Street Brewery in Elmsdale has joined forces with organizers of Tide Fest, to launch Tide Fest Cider, a honey mango crisp summer drink. Brewery owner Barry MacLeod launched the cider on June 15. At the brewery with organizers from Tide Fest and community dignitaries, another aspect of the limited run drink was shared.

“We will be donating $.50 from each sale to local food banks,” said MacLeod.

Kody Blois speaks. (Cameron photo)

Caring and Sharing Angel Tree Food Bank and Shumilacke Food Bank will split the donation, which has the potential to be $3,000 if sales are maximized.

Kody Blois, organizer of Tide Fest sees the cider as a win win for the community. Not only are event details and the logo on every can, being sold across the province, but he is also proud of MacLeod and organizers to find a way to give back.

“We were able to issue a challenge to Barry to find a way to also give back, and he more than met that challenge,” said Blois.

The collaboration was one both sides have been thinking of for some time, but with both Chill Street and Tide Fest being in their first year in 2017, timing wasn’t on their side until now.

The cider is available at Chill Street, as well as everywhere Chill Street is sold.

Chill St. has launched it’s Tide Fest Cider. (Cameron photo)