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Old rescue truck at Nine Mile River fire purchased by Flat Bay fire

NINE MILE RIVER: The Flat Bay/St Teresa Fire department in Western Newfoundland is getting some much needed assistance from departments in the East Hants community.

Recently, Nine Mile River Fire Department sold their old rescue unit to the Flat Bay/St Teresa fire department, which serves a community of 185 people. The next closest mutual aid department to their community is 45 minutes away.

Currently, Flat Bay/St. Teresa operates an older two door pumper truck, and now an ambulance-style rescue unit for their 15-member department. As well, previously they had no radio communication equipment.

Nine Mile River fire chief Tyler Dauphinee said Flat Bay Fire has to fund raise all monies, they are not funded by municipal or provincial governments.

The Flat Bay fire department has purchased the old yellow rescue truck from Nine Mile River fire. (Submitted photo)

With that in mind, volunteer fire departments in Walton Shore; Rawdon; Nine Mile River; and Elmsdale sent the rescue truck and a 3/4 truck back full of donated gear.

Among the items donated included: 24 bunker suits; 30 boots; 14 helmets; 8 Scott 2.2 SCBA; 20 SCBA bottles; four mobile VHF Radios; 16 VHF Portable Radios; four lengths hard suction hose; Spare Emergency light bar; Rechargeable flashlights; Pump Accessories, Wrenches and more.

“Flat Bay is very appreciative of our donation,” said Dauphinee. “We’re proud our rescue truck and equipment will continue on serving Canadians.”