From the Firehouse – July 2018 calls

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ENFIELD: Here’s a look at the fire calls for the month of July for volunteer fire departments in Kennetcook, Elmsdale, Maitland, Nine Mile River, Stewiacke, Enfield, Shubenacadie, Mount Uniacke and Noel.

Kennetcook Fire had five calls — three medical assists and two motor vehicle collisions.

Elmsdale Fire had 34 calls led by 13 medical assists. They also heard their pagers go off for nine fire calls, seven motor vehicle collisions, three alarm activations, one community service and one power line fire call.

Firefighters in Maitland had three calls during the month, led by two medical assists. They also had one vehicle fire.

The fire department will be hosting their annual car show on Aug. 18, rain or shine, at the field in front of Riverview Herbs. It will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be a DJ, prizes and a barbecue.

Nine Mile River fire had six calls, led by two medical assists and two motor vehicle collisions. They also had one woods fire and one mutual aid request to a neighbouring department.

Stewiacke Fire responded to 21 calls for service. That number was led by 11 medicals. The other 10 calls were: three motor vehicle collisions; two mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments; one standby request; one car fire; one fire alarm; one structure fire; and one hay bales on fire call.

Shubenacadie Fire responded to 16 calls in July — 11 of which were mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments. They were paged for seven motor vehicle collisions; three medical assists; one false alarm; one alarm activation; one structure fire; one vehicle fire; one standby request; and one hay bale fire. Three of the calls involved EHS Lifeflight being required at the scene.

Noel Fire had six calls in July, led by three medical assists. They also heard the “sounds of their people” for one motor vehicle collision, one standby request and one mutual aid medical call.

Uniacke fire responded to 19 calls, led by 11 medical assists. They also were paged for three motor vehicle collisions, one mutual aid request to a neighbouring department, one alarm call, one other, one brush fire and one vehicle fire,.

In July, Enfield Fire hit the road 40 times — or an average of 1.29 calls per day. That total was led by 17 medical assists, eight motor vehicle collisions, four brush fires, four alarm calls, four mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments, one other, one structure fire, and one vehicle fire.