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Young Elmsdale girl raises money to register for Sparks

ELMSDALE: Carlie Clough-Pelletier received an early life-lesson on earning her own money in late August.

The seven-year-old Elmsdale girl set up a lemonade stand and sold some of her toys she has outgrown outside her family’s home for a couple of days from Aug. 29-31. She was raising money to pay her own registration fee for Sparks.

“I’ve been able to raise a lot of money during the days I have been setup,” said Clough-Pelletier. “(People have been) very supportive of me.”

Sparks registration fee is $90. That’s what she was looking to raise through the selling of the thirst quenching lemonade.

“It makes me feel happy to be able to raise my own money and give people a drink if they’re thirsty,” she said.

Carlie explained why she wanted to do the lemonade stand.

“I wanted to try and do things on my own,” she said.

So what’s next for her after having sold the lemonade?

“I’ll be selling some Girl Guide cookies,” Carlie said. “I’m going to try to sell a lot of them.”

Shortly after the interview, she informed us she met her goal thanks to a pair of afternoon donations on Aug. 31.

MAIN PHOTO: Carlie Clough-Pelletier of Elmsdale, 7, setup a lemonade stand outside her family’s home for a couple of days Aug. 29-31. She was raising the money to pay her own way as she wants to enter Sparks. Carlie hit her goal of $90. (Healey photo)