Get your Smile on: Reporter Pat Healey gets trained on how to make a smile cookie

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MILFORD: The staff at the Milford Tim Hortons wants you to get your smile on in support of a great cause—the Shumilacke Food Bank.

Jayme Newcombe, manager of the Tim’s outlet which is just 500 square feet in size, invited Reporter Pat Healey out to see how smile cookies are made and learn more about the annual campaign, which runs from Sept. 17-23.

“We did a lot of cookies last year as we raised $2,260,” said Newcombe. “This year we’re aiming for $3,000 so that means we need to sell a lot of smile cookies.

“We need everybody’s support from the whole community so we can hit that target.”

She said Smile Cookies will sell for $1 each plus tax, with $1 going to the food bank from each sale.

Reporter Pat Healey is all smiles as he puts smiles on smile cookies at the Milford Tim Hortons and learns more about the campaign and what the store’s goal is this year. Last year, they raised more than $2,200 for Shumilacke Food Bank; this year the goal is $3,000. (Jayme Newcombe photo)

Setting such a goal means more cookie baking for the staff at the outlet.

“We’re going to be seeing smile cookies in our sleep,” said Newcombe.

I arrived on Sept. 10 and Newcombe put me to work right away. I washed my hands, than Jayme gave me a quick lesson of how to spread the icing on the chocolate chunk cookies. Once that was done I got to work making the eyes with the blue icing and then the smile with pink icing.

After the first couple, one of the employees–a young woman–showed us a quicker way. I never caught her name, but she is also a cake decorator I guess. Thanks for the tips.

So using her tips, I continued making the smiles until all 12 cookies on the cookie pan were done. I got in such a groove and going at it that I didn’t want to stop. I was sad when I came to the last cookie. It was fun.

And that wrapped up my quick training on how to make the smiles on the cookies for Smile Cookie week. These were done as a test run.

I think if working at Tim’s involved making smile cookies year round, I could have a job there—of course if this thing as a community reporter doesn’t pan out (I am nearing 10 years here though).

Newcombe said the staff are getting excited to start making and selling Smile Cookies.

“We had 15 boxes arrive, and there will be more coming,” she said. “There will be lots of cookies for everyone.”

She explained why they chose the Food Bank as recipient of their funds.

“It’s important to our community here,” said Newcombe. “We have a lot of kids in the community that don’t necessarily get to go to school with something to eat.

“The Food Bank is a huge resource for this community. I wanted to keep the money local, and this seemed like the right choice to help them.”

Milford, Lantz, Shubenacadie, and other East Hants residents get out to the Milford Tim Hortons during Smile Cookie week Sept. 17-23 and get your smile on, In turn you’re helping to support the Shumilacke Food Bank.

Putting the smiles on the cookies. (Jayme Newcombe photo)


MAIN PHOTO: Pat Healey with Milford Tim’s manager Jayme Newcombe and a pan of cookies that he put a smile on as he learned about the Sept. 17-23 campaign and what the goal is this year for the store. (Jayme Tanner photo)