Lantz vehicle break-ins being investigated

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LANTZ: Police are investigating six vehicle break-ins in the Lantz area overnight on Sept. 15.

Cpl. Christine Hobin, with East Hants RCMP, said the detachment has received reports of six vehicles being “rummaged through” although in none of the incidents were anything reported to have been taken.

“All vehicles had been left unlocked,” said Cpl. Hobin.

The vehicle break-ins remain under investigation, she said.

As well, police are investigating a stolen vehicle from the Robert Scott Drive subdivision in the Lantz area.

“Suspects took one vehicle after they left the other in the ditch,” said Cpl. Hobin.

The investigation into the matter is continuing.

Cpl. Hobin said East Hants residents should not leave valuables in their vehicles.

“Make sure to lock your vehicle up,” said Cpl. Hobin. “These incidents were crimes of opportunities.”