Special ceremony for Baptist Minister

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ELMSDALE: Sept. 16 was a special day for Elmsdale United Baptist Church Reverend Annie Lampron de Lamirande.

It was on this day that the firefighter chaplain with Elmsdale Fire, was ordained during a ceremony at the church.

Lampron de Lamirande is the oldest of 11 children in her family and was born in Drummondville, Que.

She graduated from Acadia University in Wolfville in May 2017 with her Master of Divinity from the Faculty of Theology. While at Acadia for her studies, she was a volunteer firefighter and fire chaplain with Kentville Volunteer Fire Department.

Lampron de Lamirande was called to serve at Elmsdale Baptist Church in 2017 where she interned and was mentored by Dr. Rhonda Y. Britton during that period of ministry.

She was instrumental in bringing forward a different perspective and structure of the many services, Bible studies, and reconnecting the church to the ecumenical council of the Elmsdale community.

Lampron de Lamirande has four children—Antoine 18; Emilie 16; Julie 14; and Patricia, eight.

MAIN PHOTO: Members of the Elmsdale Volunteer Fire Department were on hand as Annie was Ordained. She is currently a member of the volunteer department, serving as a Firefighter Chaplain with them. (Submitted photo)