Enfield Fire returns with North American hardware

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HAGERMAN, N.Y.: The Enfield Volunteer Fire Department returned from the recently-held North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge in New York with extra luggage.

The team brought home four extra pieces of hardware, including second place overall from the competition which featured an array of fire departments, many of whom are career firefighters. Enfield is a volunteer fire department.

The Enfield Fire Vehicle Extrication team came home from the North American challenge with a bountiful of hardware.
(Photos by Lindsay Lefresne)

Enfield won the limited pit—where their tool cache is limited to air, hand tools and some electric tools, while they were third in unlimited pit. In this scenario, teams are allowed to use a cache of tools.

Besides the team awards, their Incident Commander, Cecil Dixon who is also the Municipality of East Hants councillor for Enfield, was named as the top Incident Commander. The award is a very prestigious one.

The team also includes: Dave Dixon; Jeff Goodwin; Luke Guthro; Josh Jobin; Tyler Sigurdson; and John Allan Canning.

By virtue of their placing, the finish allows the team to be able to enter the World Vehicle Extrication challenge in 2019.