PeeWee AAA fills Christmas wishes with hard work

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ELMSDALE: The East Hants Penguins PeeWee AAA Hockey Team eagerly accepted the opportunity to give back to their community by earning their own money and spending it on gifts for other local and very deserving children.

“The boys not only work their butts off on the ice, they’ve been working their butts off at home and throughout their own neighborhoods too by doing good deeds for others,” said mom Lea Ann Julian. “These boys went above and beyond their ‘regular duties’ to positively make a difference whether it was in their own home or someone else’s.”

Some of the tasks they took over the last few weeks were, looking after the garbage, shoveling snow, piling wood, dishes, laundry, babysitting, party planning, breaking down cardboard, sweeping, mopping, composting, vacuuming, dusting and various other household chores.

“A few homes received a complete pre-Christmas overhaul thanks to the hockey player who lives there,” wrote Julian. “Keeping in mind these are 12-and-13-year-old boys who might rather be shooting pucks or playing the Xbox – but they kept true to their word and did their jobs well, with precision and grace – even if it meant cleaning up doggy do-do for the elderly next door neighbour.”

Members of the East Hants AAA Penguins did extra chores at home and for neighbours to raise money to buy toys for children in need this holiday season. Their extra purchases helped Elmsdale Vision to overflow their Christmas Sleigh donation to local food banks. (Submitted photos)

After all their hard work, they were each paid $20 from their parents. They pooled the money together and went shopping at Toys R Us in Dartmouth. They were very excited as well as thoughtful as they strolled through the aisles carefully selecting out gifts for donation.

“You’d think, given their age, they would lean more toward toys for boys but no; they bought some fantastic gifts for little girls too. It was quite an eye opener for some parents as they observed their sons being very mindful of prices and the deals to be had…when it was their very own money they were spending!

On Dec. 11, the team met at Elmsdale Vision to drop off all the toys they bought to help fill Santa’s sleigh. The staff welcomed the team inside and expressed their sincere appreciation to each of them,” she wrote.

“Our second attempt at stuffing Santa’s Sleigh proved even more successful with the help of the AAA Hockey Team,” said Dolly Chippett with Elmsdale Vision. “They raised funds to shop for toys to help us overflow Santa’s Sleigh. What a great job by all involved! The toys donated will now go to the North Hants Community Food Bank to some lucky local kids. Sharing love and kindness at Christmas!”

Julian said everyone was very proud of the team.

“We, as parents are very proud of our boys, but even more so when they are called upon and they prevail without hesitation. Our kids are at an age now where they actually understand not all children have the same privileges as others and that being a part of a hockey team is not a right, it is a privilege, an exceptional one. If by doing some extra work means they can provide a special something for someone else especially at Christmas time- They’re game, hands down!”