UPDATED: Smoke sends firefighters to Sobeys Elmsdale

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ELMSDALE: Smoke from an oven caused a smoke condition at the Elmsdale Sobeys late Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 19, sending employees and customers out of the store.

The smoke sent more than 25 firefighters from Elmsdale fire; Enfield Fire; Nine Mile River; Station 40 (Dutch Settlement); Milford Fire; and Lantz Fire to the scene at about 4:20 p.m.

Station 38 (Middle Musquodoboit) began to respond, but upon Station 40 hitting the road, they were stood down and returned to quarters.

Firefighters station themselves at the accountability station just outside the entrance to the Elmsdale Sobeys as they wait to hear what the crews that were inside have found. (Healey photo)

Some on social media had made posts wondering exactly what was going on at the store.

As firefighters searched inside, and Enfield Aerial staged at the back of the Sobeys building, Elmsdale Fire Chief Kevin Goodman explained what was taking place.

“It appears to be a small overheating water pump that they use to put water on the vegetables,” said Goodman. “We’re going to isolate that electrically.

“We’re going to have to move a fridge to get at it, but that seems to be a problem.”

Goodman expected the store to reopen for business at about 5:30-6 p.m.

MAIN PHOTO: Incident Commander and Elmsdale Fire Chief Kevin Goodman (in the yellow vest) gets an update from the firefighters that were inside to determine what was causing the smoke condition inside the Elmsdale store. (Healey photo)