Brison announces leave from Federal Politics

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HANTS EAST: Long-serving Liberal MP Scott Brison has announced his leave from politics.

Brison has left his role as President of the Treasury Board immediately, and announced he will not be seeking re-election in the upcoming federal election.

“It’s very much a family decision, Max and I have four-year-old daughters and I think after 22 years of public life and public service, we’ve earned the right to make decisions for the future of our family and our daughters,” said Brison in an interview with The Weekly Press.

“I loved being a member of parliament for Kings Hants. I loved serving the people of Kings Hants, and I think I’ve been able to make a difference in people’s lives here.

“Whether it’s helping people with individual case work, or investing in world class recreational facilities in communities like Lantz and Elmsdale, or on a national level as a cabinet member for two prime ministers.”

While some question the timing of his decision, Brison says the time is right.

“Now is the time to do something different,and I’m ready to do something different,” he said.

And, it was important to the long-serving MP to make sure the Kings Hants Liberals were ready for the October 2019 election.

“I wanted to give ample time to my supporters and the Kings Hants Liberal party to attract a great candidate,” he said. “I have every confidence they will attract some very good candidates and give them time to organize and build a campaign.

“I didn’t want to leave in the lurch.”

As for what’s next, Brison says there isn’t anything immediate on his plate, but says devoting more time to his family is first thing on his priority list.

“I have great affection for the communities and the people of East Hants and it’s an honour and privilege to be your Member of Parliament.”