Blois to seek Federal Liberal nomination

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HANTS EAST: With the Kings-Hants seat in the House of Commons officially vacant as of Feb. 10, the first candidate has stepped forward for the Liberal nomination.

Belnan native Kody Blois has decided to put his name forward for the nomination.

“I don’t think anyone saw that Scott (Brison) wouldn’t be re-offering,” said Blois “And I just took a couple weeks to contemplate it, and I said I think I would be disappointed if I didn’t try it at this point.”

Blois is no stranger to community dedication. He is a founding member of the Come Home East Hants Society, which puts on the successful Tide Fest celebration. He also spearheads the East Hants Sports Heritage Society, honouring those in sport in our communities. He said that’s where his heart lies, leading him to the decision to seek the nomination.

“Over the years, when you take an interest in community, and you take an interest in trying to work on projects for the public good, it naturally leads to into the realm of contemplating elected office, or serving the community through government,” he said.

The article clerk says he loves the field of work he is in, but loves the work he does when he clocks out.

“I work at MacInnis Cooper, I enjoy the work I do there, but, at 5 (p.m.), the passion projects come out, the work that doesn’t feel like work,” he said. “I want to be able to spend more time and contribute more of my energy to projects that are in the public interest.

“I came across politics because of the community involvement.”

At 28-years-old, Blois said of course he’s already heard concerns about his age, but points out that Brison was elected at the age of 30 and  was able to serve more than two decades. He also knows that he wants to serve with middle income families acting as his motivation.

“Particularly, as it relates to the federal party, I liked in 2015 how Justin Trudeau was speaking about middle class families,” he said. “I see middle income families as the backbones of communities. I think it’s extremely important to do things not to lead to the income inequality, he spoke to that, and that spoke to me,” he said.

Blois comes from a middle income family himself.

“My father was a truck driver, as was my grandfather, and my mom works as an administrative assistant,” he said.

“The amount of private debt we hold in Canada is scary. And I’m one of them.”

Supporting families is one of the top focuses for Blois, but he says his main topics also focus on environment, agriculture, and youth.

“Environment, is a big one, I think it should be for everyone, but particularly with my generation it’s cause for concern,” he said.

While not everyone is on the same page for how to handle  the issues regarding environment and industry, climate change and more, Blois said he supports starting now and recognizes these changes in no way will be easy.

“The carbon tax is contentious, but I think it’s at least a step in the right direction, recognizing that something needs to be done and I appreciate that,” he said.

And using his age as a strength, Blois said the younger generation has to be one of his focuses.

“I can’t be the 28-year-old candidate that’s not talking about youth issues,” he said. “It can’t be my only mantra, but I want to engage youth in a way that maybe no one has asked them to get involved before.

“Maybe I can be that catalyst to get them involved, I want young people out there making their voices heard, whether that’s with me, or better reflected somewhere else.”

He is very encouraging for youth to take an interest in politics, and highlights that it’s okay to not know where your political stripes lay from the start.

“I really took some time to figure out,” said Blois. “I didn’t join a party young because I took the time to think about what do I believe in? What are my values? And I think it takes a few successive elections and a few leaders to get a sense of where I stood.

Considering himself a “centrist” Blois said he’s excited, nervous, an a ball of emotions while he takes on this next step. His attention is focused on the nomination.

For more information on Blois, his background, and more, find his page on Facebook.