From the Firehouse – January 2019 calls

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NOEL: Medical assists led the number of calls that volunteer firefighters in Noel; Nine Mile River; Enfield; Elmsdale; Kennetcook; Stewiacke; Mount Uniacke; Maitland; and Rawdon responded to during the month of January.

For Noel Fire,they responded to eight calls, led by six medical assists. They were also paged for one mutual aid motor vehicle collision and one mutual aid structure fire.

Stewiacke Fire responded to 29 calls during the month. That was led up by 15 medical assists; seven mutual aid requests to a neighbouring department; three flooding calls; one grass fire; two fire alarm activations; and one motor vehicle collision.

The firefighters with Elmsdale Fire had 25 calls, led by 16 medical assists. They also heard their pagers sound for four fires; two alarm activations; two motor vehicle collisions; and one community service call.

For Nine Mile River, they had four medical assists leading their seven call month. They also had two mutual aid requests to a neighbouring department and one motor vehicle collision response.

Enfield Volunteer Firefighters heard the “sound of their people” 31 times in January, led by 16 medical assists. Firefighters also responded to six mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments; four motor vehicle collisions; two alarms; two other calls; and one brush fire.

For Kennetcook Fire, they had two each of medical assists and mutual aid requests to lead their six calls for January. The firefighters also had a structure fire and motor vehicle collision to their responses.

Lantz Volunteer Fire had 21 callouts during January, led by 12 medical assists. Close behind was eight mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments. They also had one oven fire call.

The firefighters in Rawdon had a busy month for their department with nine calls, four of which were medical assists. They also were paged out for two motor vehicle collisions; one propane leak; one power lines down; and one mutual aid request.

For Shubenacadie Fire, they had 23 calls in the month with medical assists once again leading the way with eight calls. There were also four motor vehicle collision calls; three chimney fires; three structure fires; two vehicle fires; two flood conditions; one alarm activation; and one wires down.

Eleven of the 23 calls were mutual aid responses.

Mount Uniacke and Maitland fire did not file monthly reports for January.


MAIN PHOTO: Shubie Fire Chief Kevin Jodrey keeps an eye on firefighters from Station 40 Dutch Settlement as they work at a barn fire in January in Milford. Jodrey was Incident Commander at the call. (Healey photo)