Gone to the dogs: Paw-some Adventures Inc, your dog is the heart of our business


ELMSDALE: Jessica Simon’s future always had dogs in it.

From a young age, it was clear she was an animal lover. And now, armed with an educational background in veterinary assisting, she made a dream come true opening the doors of Paw-Some Adventures Inc.

“She always knew she was going to do something with dogs,” said manager and day care supervisor Kim Whalen.

“Realizing my love for working with dogs, I was faced with the challenge of finding a stable long term career working with Dogs at a Doggy Daycare in the city . I quickly realized there was a need in my own community to have a Doggy Daycare and figured there is no time like the present to open this facility here in East Hants,” said Jessica.

A family business, Jessica and Kim operate the doggy day care, located in the Elmsdale Business Park.

A few years ago, a business plan was created for a doggy day care by the family. It was always more of a dream for them, but the older Jessica got, they always gravitated back towards the idea.

“When Jessica was in grade 12 we started the business plan,” said Kim. “We didn’t really take it anywhere.”

After she completed her schooling, everything lined up to make the dream a reality. With help from her family and business support from the BDC, the wheels began turning.

The family business includes a mom and daughter co- owner set up, as well as Jessica’s partner Josh helping as a daycare attendant and her grandfather Wayne Whalen acting as her silent partner.

Officially opening their doors before Christmas, they hit the ground running, completing assessments and having a huge interest in the day care aspect.

“We opened our doors for the first time on Dec. 17, and we had six dogs our first day,” said Kim, who also said there was almost 30 dogs registered from the start.

Now, they have over 50 dogs registered.

But, day care isn’t the only thing offered at Paw-Some. They have just launched with overnight boarding.

“We have bookings right up until August now,” said Kim. The dogs are pampered overnight and never left alone.

They also have a large selection of toys for four legged friends, as well as canine related apparel and gifts for those dog moms and dads in your life.

With a couple of months under their belt, Kim and Jessica encourage anyone wondering if doggy day care is a good idea for their four-legged family members to reach out and complete an assessment. It’s a great way to keep dogs socialized, and with company during work hours.

“I am so excited to be starting this new business , our dogs are playing a large rolls in our life’s and we are choosing to provide them with a good life and lots of fun and socialization and less alone time,” said Jessica. “Your dog is the heart of our business.”

They can be found in the Elmsdale Business Park and are reachable by phone at (902) 259-2990. Check them out on facebook for daily updates of adorable canines.