Construction begins for Lantz Interchange

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LANTZ: Construction has begun on the long overdue Lantz Connector.

In a release on its Facebook page, the Municipality of East Hants issued an update showing the work beginning on what will become Exit 8A off Highway 102 into Lantz.

The connector road will run from the new Exit 8 A interchange on Highway 102 down to Highway 2.

“Clearing work began in February on the connector road, with widening of the Highway 102 bridges, and construction of the interchange scheduled to begin over the next few months,” said the post.

It said the new interchange will assist in servicing the communities of Lantz, Elmsdale, and Enfield as they continue to grow.

One of the two new developments proposed with the beginning of the Lantz connector development. (MEH Image)

There are also two new private development projects from The Shaw Group and Armco that have been proposed for the community adjacent to the new connector road.

“Combined these developments are proposing more than 3,000 new residential units and both projects have new commercial development opportunities in the form of Highway Commercial Land and Mixed Residential and Commercial Use Land,” the release said.

The release said the commercial development opportunities will help provide services to the current and future population of the area. The community of Lantz has seen an estimated population increase of 4.89 per cent between 2013 and 2018 to a total population of 2,190 residents, as per Environics Analytics in 2018.

MAIN PHOTO: The construction has started for the long awaited Lantz Interchange at Exit 8A, by the water tower. (MEH photo)