Keep the fire lane clear—or it’ll cost you

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RCMP members issuing warnings to those who park in fire lane at East Hants Sportsplex

LANTZ: If you’re visiting the East Hants Sportsplex in Lantz anytime soon, the RCMP are advising you don’t park in the fire lane. Otherwise, it could be an expensive visit to the rink in Lantz.

Sgt. Bridgit Leger said members from the East Hants RCMP, Enfield detachment, have been receiving a fair amount of calls from people about illegally parked vehicles. It has become such an issue that members have added it to their patrol routines.

“Most of the issues we’re dealing involve the fire lane being blocked,” said Sgt. Leger.

She said the fire lane at the Sportsplex goes from the main entrance to the end of the fieldhouse dome .

“We’re finding that people are leaving their vehicles on the dome side fire lane and sometimes they are two deep,” she said.

Vehicles have been seen parking in the fire lanes and elsewhere illegally in the parking lot so much so that no emergency vehicles would be able to get by if they were called to the Sportsplex.

“Our members have gone there and said that no emergency response vehicle would be able to get through if they were required,” said Sgt. Leger.

Sgt. Leger said they want to ensure first responder vehicles can get in if they are ever required to do so.

Despite word there had been tickets issued, she said the members at the detachment have not done that—yet.

“What we want to do is educate the public, get their buy in and understanding the need to keep the fire lane clear so we can get emergency vehicles in and out,” said Sgt. Leger. “We have not issued any tickets. We have been active in being there and only giving warnings to the general public.

“The bottom line is we could issue fines as well as tow vehicles, but that’s not our goal.”

MAIN PHOTO: A notice that is on the entrance doors at the East Hants Sportsplex asking patrons to park in the designated parking spots and avoid the fire lane ion front of the rink and the fieldhouse dome. RCMP are also concerned and have added it to patrol check spots for its members. (Healey photo)