East Hants Animal Hospital opens its door

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New state of the art facility dedicated to our four-legged family members

By Abby Cameron

ELMSDALE: As the communities that make up East Hants grow, the East Hants Animal Hospital wants to be there every step of the way.

With their doors officially open as of April 1, the full -service animal hospital is now accepting new patients at their location at 202 Highway 214 in Elmsdale.

Dr. Courtney Sherlock said the process of opening the doors was exciting, nerve-racking, but focusing on integrating with the community has been top of mind.

“We’ve seen more and more clients out in Eastern Passage that have been living out here and we realized there’s so much new development and new growth in the area, more and more people are choosing to live out here where they can have a nice home and space,” said Dr. Sherlock. “Along with the families come pets so we just thought it would be a great opportunity to be a part of the community.

“The process out here has been amazing. East Hants, the development office was just wonderful to work with. We’ve been getting a lot of people stopping in to say hi, we get a lot of messages saying how excited people are, the neighbours have been great.”

Throughout the process, Dr. Sherlock said it was important to secure any services possible with local vendors and businesses.

“We very muchly try to support the local community,” she said. “One of our core values is to be a valued member of the community. It’s so important.

“A veterinary hospital in our opinion is an anchor business. You need a doctor, you need a dentist, a veterinarian, a plumber, electrician, etc.”

The facility is bright, modern, and welcoming. The exam rooms are separated for canine and feline clients, as is the recovery area behind the scenes. There is a full surgery suite, dental suite, and a compassion room, for clients to visit their pets in a lower stress environment, or to say final goodbyes privately.

There is also a beautiful, large community room that they intend to explore different things with, from renting it to the community, obedience classes, or, maybe even a little cat yoga.

With their facility for cats, dogs, and “pocket pets” officially open, their focus will always be the health and quality of care for our pets.

“We will constantly strive to provide the highest quality medical, surgical and dental care available to our highly valued patients. Our full service medical facility offers a wide array of services including physical examinations, vaccinations, surgery, radiology, ultrasound with certified specialist by appointment, orthopedic surgery performed on location, dental radiology, dental care, behavioural consults, preventive medicine, weight loss and senior programs. Our facility also features a full on-site laboratory through which we offer blood work, parasite diagnosis, cytology, cultures and urine analysis.”

More information on their services, an online tour, and bios on all the staff members is available at www.easthantsanimalhospital.ca. Contact them today at (902) 883-8787.