Emotional day expected as family members of Barho’s arrive in N.S.

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ELMSDALE: Members of the Hants East Assisting Refugees Team (HEART) Society were preparing for an emotional and long day on April 18 as they welcomed family of Kawthar and Ebraheim Barho.

Before the emotional day began, the group members sat down with The Weekly Press to provide an update, and what the continued support has meant for them.

The family members were expected to arrive in the early evening at Halifax Stanfield Airport to be with Kawthar as she stays at her husband Ebraheim’s bedside. The couple’s seven kids died in a fire on Feb. 19 at their Spryfield home. The cause of the fire remains under investigation as fire investigators need to speak with all witnesses.

Natalie Horne, with HEART, said the family was coming to support both. Ebraheim continues to have a long road to recovery ahead.

Horne said it’s been a two-month effort to get the relatives over to Canada.

“We’ve been really fortunate to have so much support form within the community, MP Andy Fillmore’s office, and the mosque,” said Horne. “Everyone has really worked together to push to have them here to support them during this difficult time.”

She was unsure how difficult a day laid ahead.

“It’s difficult to say how hard it will be for Kawthar, but for ourselves we’re glad to be welcoming immediate family members, but we also know they haven’t had a chance to grieve together yet.

“Today will be a very emotional and difficult day for everyone involved.”

Horne said the support has amazed them. It’s what has beamed brightly through the tragedy.

“It’s been the one light in a very dark situation,” she said. “To see how people across the country, and the world, have reached out to support Kawthar and Ebraheim with the loss of their seven children.”

She said the HEART Society has been overwhelmed with the messages and donations.

“Every single one of the messages is read and appreciated,” said Horne. “We can’t say enough of what that means, and even if we aren’t able to respond we do read them and appreciate them.”

Horne said they are focusing on what’s to come.

“The next step is to help Kawthar and Ebraheim as he recovers, God willing,” she said. “We also want to support Kawtahr, and Ebraheim hopefully as well, to resume a somewhat more normal life outside of the hospital.

“Their family coming over will be instrumental in that process. She will have someone to stay with and that will mean the world to her. In turn that means the world to us.”