Healey honoured with WomenActive NS Media Trendsetter Award

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HALIFAX: One of Advocate Media’s own, Patrick Healey, has been honoured for his dedication in covering female sports.

Healey was recently awarded the WomenActive-NS Media Trendsetter Award.

Nominated by Marni Tuttle, Healey’s nomination was said to stand above the rest because of his continued support of all athletes, regardless of gender.

“Pat Healey’s politely persistent in making sure teen girls in our community get the coverage they can naturally shy away from. Pat understands the importance of celebrating their accomplishments publicly so others can follow,” said Tuttle in her nomination. “He was the first to cover a WomenActive-NS Trendsetter Award given in our community, through writing and video. And he came back for a follow-up story after the award was presented.”

The awards were handed out on April 27.

“Pat watches local, national, and international events to make sure he knows what’s happening. He’s done extensive coverage of Olivia Chute, a world junior waterskiing competitor. Without the budget to travel, he gets the story before and after from the athletes themselves.

“Pat’s the first guy on the story for school sports, recently featuring the retirement of three outstanding high school girl basketball players and a junior high school girls ski race team. He’ll follow up when they’ve made a university team and keep the community engaged in their success,” Tuttle said. “It’s the follow-up that sets Pat apart. Local pentathlon star, Bridget Deveau, continues to feature in Pat’s community updates even now that she’s competing for University of Massachusetts. Scroll through Pat’s articles on athletes and you’ll see Canada Games athletes Alyssa Cross and Madi Taljaard, local figure skaters at their first competitions, Fall River Fury U14 volleyball girls at a Nova Scotia tournament, our star dart champion from Beaver Bank, and the locals attending Canada Women’s Soccer’s U-17 camp.

“Pat’s captured the sights and sounds of so many of our female athletes doing their best, and he covers them all. He never misses a national or international achievement, but he’s also the first to capture young girls before they have their first big competition.”

Tuttle says his impact in the coverage area of The Laker has been a source of great pride.

“The outcome in our community is so much greater than a sports story. We celebrate and talk about the girls he covers in the news. Future athletes hear those stories and learn about sports and opportunities they might never have known girls participate in. Those that excel to compete on a national or international stage know what’s expected in an interview, how to be comfortable on tape, and how to tell their story in a compelling way.”

But, if you ask Healey, it’s just his status quo.

“I just see myself as doing my normal job, like a community reporter should,” he said.