Local dancers have that winning “Fever”

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ENFIELD: A pair of dance schools from East Hants showcased their fever for their artistic talent over the May 16-20 weekend.

The young dancers from RSI Danceworks in Enfield and Dance Zone Performing Arts Centre in Elmsdale both saw their dancers and troupes bring home numerous honours from the competition.

Madi Hopewell from Dance Zone won the competitions Senior Fire Award, which is a trip to Greece this summer to train. Not to be outdone, sister Keni Hopewell won top Senior solo for her modern solo Conscious Thing.

Dance Zone’s jazz group won Hot Performer Jazz routine for “My Domain.” The group’s contemporary routine Understand was their highest scoring group routine and had the opportunity to perform in the 100 Degree Dance Off.

Meanwhile, RSI Danceworks had the dance stage on fire with their routines, winning the Fever Dance Challenge’s Dance off with top overall routine and the second place overall routine.

Student Madison Parry won the top overall Powerhouse soloist of the whole competition. Parry is from Belnan.

“We also won numerous other awards over the four days of competition such as best choreography, highest score of the whole day of competition on Friday and Sunday,” said RSI’s Robin Isenor-Cantfell. “We received the highest mark of the whole competition.”

Dance teacher Ashley Ettinger, a Nine Mile River native, received the Fever teacher award.

Among some of the highlights for RSI at Fever were: Teen Champions “Nature Morte” (choreographed by Stephanie Mitro); Teen Finalists “With Love” (RSI’s collaboration with East Coast Dance Academy, choreographed by Ryan Lee and Stephanie Mitro); Highest Mark Routine of the day Friday “Nature Morte”; Highest Mark Routine of the day Sunday “Maroon.” They also had numerous placements and special awards.

Isenor-Cantfell said the teachers hearts were filled with joy as they saw the support each dancer gave one another.

“We witnessed numerous occasions where you found a costume piece or a pair of shoes to lend to other studios,” said Isenor-Cantfell. “We often saw you offer words of congratulations to your fellow competitors and words of encouragement to your teammates.

”Those are the important moments…and the moments we remember.”