Wish granted for Head of Jeddore teen

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Camper trailer gifted to family at Renfrew Campground

NINE MILE RIVER: It was easy to see that Colby Billings was finding it hard to contain his excitement as the finishing touches were put on for his big celebration.

As his dad Brad Billings and Children’s Wish N.S. representative Jacob Rafuse finished putting together a special swing that the 17-year-old Colby, who is diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS), could use. CdLS is often described as Brachmann de Lange syndrome or Bushysyndrome; and is also known as Amsterdam dwarfism. CdLS is a genetic disorder that in its severe form can lead to severe anomalies of physical and intellectual development.

Colby Billings gets a push by his grandmother on his new swing that he received for his birthday. (Healey photo)

A small group of family and friends joined Colby and his family, who call Head of Jeddore home, on May 31 at the Renfrew Campground in Nine Mile River for this special wish grant. Colby had asked for a camper trailer as his wish, and thanks to Children’s Wish N.S. and a couple that were selling their camper trailer, that wish has become reality.

”Jacob is the go to guy for making wishes happen, and he just asked us what Colby’s wish would be,” said Erin, Colby’s mom. “We figured the camper trailer is a permanent thing, whereas something like Disney is a one-shot deal.”

The family did some research and found a couple, Deb and Mark, who were selling their camper trailer. It wasn’t the first camper they looked at.

“We went and viewed it, and Colby loved it right away,” she said. “We knew it was the one for him.”

Colby enjoys his new swing. (Healey photo)

And about that swing—it was a birthday gift he had just received recently.

“He is enjoying it a lot,” said Erin.

Each wish granted is structured to meet the particular needs of the child and their family. In Nova Scotia, we have granted almost 1200 wishes so far and have 85 wishes being worked on at this moment to be enjoyed.

MAIN PHOTO: The Billings family stand next to the camper trailer that Children’s Wish N.S. got for Colby. They are standing in front of the section of the camper where Colby stays. The trailer presentation took place May 31 at at Renfrew Campground in Nine Mile River. (Healey photo)