UPDATED: Water supply was a concern for firefighters at recycling plant fire

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HARDWOOD LANDS: Emergency lights lit up the night sky shortly after 10:15 p.m. in Milford as firefighters responded to a fully engulfed commercial structure fire on Aug. 28.

Approximately 40 firefighters from volunteer stations across East Hants and Stewiacke were paged out for the call at Halifax C & D Recycling’s Milford location, on Lohnes Drive in the Milford Industrial Park.

The smell of smoke was evident as far away as Elmsdale by the Highway 102 on and off ramps, and as you got closer to the scene became stronger.

Smoke goes into the air as firefighters put water on a fire inside one of the buildings at Halifax C & D Recycling’s Milford location on Aug. 28. The call came in shortly after 10:30, and upon arrival firefighters were met with fire in the 100 by 40 sized facility. Close to 40 firefighters were on scene. (Healey photo)

Eddie Moxsom, the deputy fire chief with Milford Fire, was Incident Commander at the call. He said crews did have some concerns as they battled the fire in the 100 by 40n building.

“Due to the large size of the building and the potential fire load (Wood Chips\Sawdust) we had concerns for water supply,” said Moxsom.

Fire crews from Milford, along with mutual aid response from Shubenacadie; Lantz; Enfield; Station 40 (Dutch Settlement); Elmsdale; Nine Mile River; Rawdon; and Stewiacke responded. N.S. Power, EHS, and East Hants RCMP also attended.

He said upon arrival all all four sides were showing visible flame.

“There was heavy flames on the right (delta) side,” he said.

Moxsom said an estimate on the damage caused by the fire is unknown.

“I suspect it will be a significant loss for the building,” he said.

A plume of white smoke was seen for a short-time from the 102 and just outside the gated property.

Firefighters head in towards the fire which was a defensive attack on the night of Aug. 28 at Halifax C & D Recycling in the Milford Industrial Park in Hardwood Lands. (Healey photo)

Fire crews were leaving the scene at 2:30 a.m., however Milford stayed on scene as security until 11 a.m.

Many of the firefighters who responded to the call had to go to work Thursday and did so with lack of sleep as a result of the late-night call, said Moxsom.

He said the cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.