UPDATED: Dorian hits Noel Shore hard; Corridor shows minimal damage

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NOEL SHORE: Hurricane Dorian may have left minimal impact on the Corridor of East Hants, however it did the exact opposite on the Noel Shore/Hants North area of the municipality.

In Noel and area, several buildings were blown down and seriously damaged by the winds from the hurricane that hit the province, causing plenty of damage to Halifax, Dartmouth and the Eastern Passage in the process.

Along Highway 215, there were trees strewn across the road blocking access and power remains out for many residents in that area as of Sept. 10. It forced the closure at one point of the road between Shubenacadie and Walton, according to TIR.

One resident posted on Facebook that Dorian was the “worst storm” she had ever experienced. Among the casualties for the resident was one old barn, while the roofs lifted up on two others during the storm.

Comfort centres were opened temporarily at the Rawdon Fire Hall; Maitland Fire Hall; Walton Shore Fire Department; and Noel Fire Hall.

During a quick drive through Enfield, Elmsdale, and Lantz, the only damage spotted were several trees that had been blown over by Dorian’s winds.

That included a tree that fell over into the front of a home on Arrowhead Drive.

Looking at the tree on the front of the home from the driveway it looks like there was some damage. That is also what Fire Chief Todd Pepperdine said had happened—that there was some damage as a result of the tree coming down on the house.

A house on Arrowhead Drive in Enfield had damage done to it from a tree that was blown over by winds from Hurricane Dorian on Sept. 7. (Submitted photo)

Just up the road, a tree behind Blackburn English Law Offices in Enfield was blown over and into the side of a home adjacent to the property on John Murray Drive. There didn’t appear to be any significant damage as a result.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the hurricane the East Hants Sportsplex was pro-active and deflated the Fieldhouse Dome on Sept. 6 and it remained that way for the weekend. It was set to be re-inflated on Monday Sept. 9.

Also in gearing up for Dorian, the Municipality of East Hants closed the Waste Management Centre in Georgefield; the Milford Pool; the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre in South Maitland; and Burntcoat Head Park in Burntcoat.

A tree behind Blackburn English Law Offices in Enfield was blown over and into the side of a home adjacent to the property on John Murray Drive. (Healey photo)

As well public water access points at Brickyard Park and Wickwire Station Park were closed Friday at 2 p.m., until at least the morning of Sept. 9.

They also rescheduled the East Hants Volunteer Fair, set to be held at Maple Ridge School in Lantz, to Sept. 28.

MAIN PHOTO: Buildings in the Noel Shore and Burntcoat Head areas took a beating from Hurricane Dorian’s high winds on Sept. 7-8, seriously damaging several of them in the process. (Submitted photos)