Candidate Profile: Get to know Central Nova Green Party’s Barry Randle

Online First Opinions

Name: Barry Randle


Family: The Green family

Profession:Small business owner

Why are you running?

I have finally decided to run, after being involved peripherally for many years, because of the urgency of the impending climate disaster. I felt it was time not just to talk the talk but walk the walk.

What do you see as the top issue in your riding?

As in all areas the impending climate disaster is the number one concern. While dealing with this is going to be very challenging, it also presents a number of opportunities. People here are very concerned with employment issues and rural economic development. Both of these are going to benefit from the transition to a green economy. Health care is also a big issue and while the specifics are provincial, federally t can be helped greatly with the addition of a fair Pharmacare strategy, stabilized, and increased funding, and a commitment to looking at health in the big picture.

Do you have a hidden talent?


What is your hope for your riding?

That we transition smoothly to a new “Green” reality.

How to contact you?

email, or by facebook message to