“We wanted to have something for the community that was accessible, and not necessarily pay to participate” explained Kody Blois, President of the Come Home East Hants Association, in relation to the Canada 150 Sport & Cultural Fair.

While much of the attention for Tide Fest has been focused towards music, washer toss, and ball hockey, the Sport & Cultural Fair offers a “community showcase” according to Blois: “We see it as an opportunity to showcase East Hants, and offer activities that are orientated towards families, so that there is a reason to come even if you’re not interested in our other events”. The Sport & Cultural Fair will be free admission to the public, and will include a variety of activities happening from 9am-3pm on Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th.

The Sport & Cultural Fair will host a series of events the B-Pad of the Sportsplex. Activities include; Funky Farm Gate Farmer’s Market with local vendors set up all weekend, arts and crafts activities, including a partnership with Sipekne’katik that will allow participants to make traditional Mi’kmaq products, a dance showcase with local groups, bouncy castles, face-painting, a local art show, and an East Hants history video.

For Louise Parker, owner of the Funky Farm Gate Farmers Market, Tide Fest represents an opportunity for her to expand the audience for local vendors, “It is a perfect showcase venue for our new Farmers Market, it feels like the social and economic benefits it brings to a community are being recognized, and our vendors are excited to showcase their wares to a larger audience at Tide Fest”.

The Sport & Cultural Fair is being made possible through a grant contribution from the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage, something Blois mentions was crucial; “Without the contribution for CCH, I am not sure we would have been able to take something like this on in year 1, so we’re grateful for their support”.

The East Hants history video will be approximately 12-15 minutes and will seek to showcase at a high level the region’s rich history, from aboriginal way of life prior to European settlement, right through to present day. East Hants resident Peter Giffen, who works as a filmmaker, has been tasked with editing the local history video. “Having grown up in Milford, and seeing the photos and stories from Mom and Dad, it exciting to be leading a project to showcase our history. East Hants is a large and diverse part of Nova Scotia, from coastal shorelines, to inland forests, abundant farmland, and growing communities, we kind of have it all right here in our backyard, and I am excited to tell our story”.

The East Hants Historical Society, as well as the Enfield Heritage Centre, with the help of other local historians have helped with the research. The intention is for the video to play during Tide Fest weekend if it is ready. The size and scope of capturing East Hants’ history is not lost on Blois, “It’s certainly going to be a challenge to fit all of our region’s history into 12 minutes, that’s why we brought on Pete, but again, it is meant to be high level, and perhaps it can be a springboard into future documentaries or films that can focus on a specific community or industry”.

For more information on the Canada 150 Sport & Cultural Fair, and the other events happening during Tide Fest Weekend July 14-16th please visit www.tidefest.ca or on Facebook “Tide Fest” or Instagram “@easthantstidefest”