Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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3D Printer turns Elmsdale Library into Makerspace

ELMSDALE: The Elmsdale library is slowly evolving from the more traditional library to a “makerspace”, with the help of introducing new technologies, like a...

Dads to the rescue

ELMSDALE: The dads of the kids at Tots Academy are always on double duty, filling the roles of both professional dads and the academy’s...

More than 100 jobs created with help from CBDC

EAST HANTS: Fifty-eight new business and 103 jobs were created in the area by the CBDC this year, according to their 2015/2016 annual report,...

Help name new legs of Trans Canada Trail

MILFORD: The worlds longest network of recreational trails, the Trans Canada Trail, is breaking ground through East Hants. The trail, which started being built in...

Pirates on Grand Lake

GRAND LAKE: George Young says his six-year-old grand daughter thinks he’s a pirate. He may not have a real parrot on his shoulder or a...

Selling kindling for hockey

ENFIELD: Two siblings from Enfield are learning the entrepreneurial spirit by collecting money so they can attend summer hockey camps. Brock and Paige Andrews are...
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