Thursday, November 16, 2017
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Know the Law

written by Patrick O'Neil, Lawyer with with Burchell MacDougall LLP   By now, you have probably heard of the tax changes proposed on July 18, 2017,...

COLUMN: Know the Law with Amy L. Thomas

How to Plan Ahead for Yourself and Your Family As we progress through life, it’s important to not only have a will prepared, but also...

COLUMN: Know the Law with Amy Thomas

Summer months are statistically the busiest time of year for property transactions. This is a very exciting time for both parties involved, and there...

Know the law: travelling

Lately it seems news stories of people being detained and searched at the border are more and more common. If you or someone you...

Know the law

Who pays back to school expenses if Mom and Dad are separated? September is a harbinger for enrollment in extracurricular activities, tuition fees, and other...
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