Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Why honour Cornwallis?

The argument in favour of keeping the statue of Edward Cornwallis in downtown Halifax is based on the fact that the mid-1700s were a...

EDITORIAL: Life advice for 2017 grads

A couple of weeks ago, life changed forever for many kids in our coverage area. Hundreds graduated from Hants East Rural High School, Hants North...

EDITORIAL: Hoping Tide Fest breaks records

This weekend, the spot to be for people of all ages in East Hants will be Tide Fest. Running from Friday to Sunday at the...

COLUMN: 100 Moms – Refocus & Reconnect

Shauna describes herself as a, “Crazy Cheer Mom, Law Enforcement Wife, Career-driven Imperfect Woman, a 39 year-old Chick with Adult ADD.” Having worked with Shauna...

COLUMN: 100 Moms

Lisa P Lisa is the Mom to two bouncing little boys. She and I share many of the same thoughts regarding the trials, tribulations, and...

COLUMN: EHDCC celebrates successful Open East Hants Day

Open East Hants Day 2017 has come and gone. The event held on May 27 was a huge success by any measure. This year...

EDITORIAL: Realizing non voters have the most power

Less than 55 per cent of us exercised our right to vote in the May 30 election. For a short campaign, the issues were hot,...

COLUMN: 100 Moms: Being present

Lindsay P Lindsay and I became Firewalkers while attending an event with Tony Robbin’s. With just that alone in common, I knew so much about...

Health care in N.S. vs. the USA

To the Editor: I have a nephew living and working in Pennsylvania. He is sixty years old and has health insurance through his employer. He...

100 moms-Tip #9

Florence, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” Tip #9 Florence reminds me so much of my younger self, well maybe moreso who I wish I was...
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