Lisa P

Lisa is the Mom to two bouncing little boys. She and I share many of the same thoughts regarding the trials, tribulations, and the joys of parenting. We have learned much about ourselves in the process, and have worked tirelessly to do well by our sons. Even in the madness, we have been able to, as Lisa says, “enjoy watching life unfold.”

I remember my Mom use to say, “It doesn’t have to be so difficult. You make it hard on yourself.” There is definitely truth to that, but in my defense, I think parenting requires much effort, diligence, and a lot of self-reflection.

I don’t regret any of my fret, or self-doubt. I think it made me a stronger parent. I think those of us who work hard at parenting, do find things especially challenging. I think Lisa and I both fall into that category.

Lisa, “Make sure to network. Find your tribe. Seek other Moms for support.”

Tip 10

Lisa and I have shared thoughts on Motherhood, parenting, and on some of we found to be soul-crushing myths. We shared our confusion on the promises of parenting perfection, and gleeful children. We struggled believing that Moms were supposed to have it all together, that everyone had it all together.

At times it seems Moms everywhere profess parenting is a world wonderment, and babies giddy with joy. These blissful expressions can make some of us feel inadequate, even crazy. The search for perfection can be exhausting.

Many of us dig to find what parenting is “suppose” to be like. We search tirelessly for Mother’s intuition, and ‘maternal instinct.’ We secretly think, I didn’t know parenting was like this, but are fearful to say it out loud. The thoughts alone can bring shame and feelings of certain failure.

Lisa and I agree, it’s important for Moms to debunk perceptions of a flawless journey. This is why Lisa highly recommends finding “your tribe” in her final tip. For her, a tribe is a group of women who share truth. Women who will talk about the scary times, and giggle about the mishaps. Women who will reassure us things are ok, and even when they aren’t ok. Women who will remind us we are still ok, or can at least work toward ok.

We know it’s complicated, yet simple. It’s tough, yet soft. It’s exhausting, yet exhilarating. It’s expensive, yet invaluable. It is all consuming, yet worth it. It’s terrifying, yet comforting. It can be lonely, yet we’re never alone. It’s fun, yet dreadful.

We know we are smart, yet know nothing.

I’m confident all of Lisa’s hard work will pay off, as did mine. I am honored that she would share her thoughts, and insecurities, on this most important journey.

Thanks Lisa!

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