Starting the New Year off right seems to be something on the minds of most of us.

Whether the resolution is to lose weight, save more money, quit a vice, or whatever you choose, we here at The Weekly Press encourage adding be engaged and informed to your resolution list.

A lot of us think we live in sleepy little communities and while that’s true in many regards, the news and the stories that unfold here year after year never cease to amaze us.

We have active members of Parliament, in the legislature, and our council deals with many contentious issues every month that sometimes go unnoticed by the masses.

We have athletes that are polishing their Olympic dreams, and we have residents with hearts of gold who make the world a better place.

Over the last two years, our newsroom and publication as a whole have gone through many changes to bring more news to you. We’ve ditched subscriptions, bringing more than 11,000 copies to the flyer packs in our communities, we have launched a new website, bringing you the news quicker than ever before, and we’ve done our best to be everywhere we can.

Hants East is a wonderful place to call home. And while we know many of you work elsewhere, being engaged in your community is rewarding on a level many don’t know.

So, in 2018, maybe load www.enfieldweeklypress.com on your tablet while you’re on a treadmill, or pick us up next time you’re on a grocery run, as we work on our resolution, to continue to bring you the local news that matters to you.