ENFIELD: The time is now to show your support for East Hants’ very own Bowlplex, which will include a 200-seat movie theatre, by purchasing shares to help make the long talked about dream become a reality.

Members of the newly re-branded East Hants Entertainment Limited—which initially had non-profit status but decided recently to change that to for-profit—are selling shares at $100 each in the company. As of Dec. 15 they had sold $1,000 worth, with a goal of $2,500 by mid to late January. They were formerly known as the East Hants Bowling Society.

Terry MacFarlane, President of East Hants Entertainment Limited, said that the group was given 90 days to sell $5,000 worth of shares in the company. Until they reach the $2,500 they’re aiming for initially, no work, planning or designing of the facility, which will be located in the Elmsdale Business Park, can take place.

“The whole idea behind selling the shares is to build the bowling complex, with a community room and get it to a successful level,” said MacFarlane in an interview with The Weekly Press at an Enfield coffee shop on Dec. 15. “The idea of the shares is to cover the building loan until the company can take it over.

“We have to sell half of them or else the whole thing gets closed down and the money has to be refunded.”

East Hants Entertainment Ltd. would comprise a 12-14 lane bowling alley; a 200-seat movie theatre; a 200 seat community room; an arcade; and canteen. It would be able to hold community meetings; conventions; birthday parties; and conferences to name a few.

He said by getting to the $2,500 shares sold, that means things can start progressing.

“If we get that then we can get the building loan going, we can get the property, and once we have that the engineering firm can do the design and we can get the contractors in line,” he said. “Everything hinges on getting that $2,500.”

Working with the CBDC in Kings-Hants, the group was approved by the N.S. Department of Finance to sell shares to the public, as long as they are 19-years and older. They cost $100 each and entitles the purchaser to attend meetings; speak; and vote.

People can purchase shares by visiting their website, www.easthantsbowling.com and checking out the Contact Us page.

MacFarlane said members are meeting people, spreading the word about selling the shares, and their meeting weekly to strategize on how they can reach that target they have.

East Hants Entertainment Ltd. is planning a meeting with a full presentation and question-and-answer on Jan. 9, 2017, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Elmsdale Fire Hall.

MacFarlane said right now, unless your involved in the sports community, or frequent the sports bars, residents have to drive 30 minutes for their entertainment.

“Part of our programs that we want to institute is targeted towards younger people in the movies, video arcades, and more,” he explained.

He said the reason they changed from a non-profit to a for-profit is because of the financing involved.

“The whole idea is to get something that will operate and run itself and be supportive of the community,” he said.

There has been a lot of enthusiasm expressed from the community, MacFarlane said.

“It’s been very encouraging,” he said.

MacFarlane said if the group doesn’t meet it’s goal, then new, fresh faces will likely have to lead the charge.

“If this thing doesn’t make it this time, then it’s all over for us,” he said. “We’ve put in more than six years on working it.”

East Hants, you’ve heard the plea for support to earn a strike for East Hants Entertainment Ltd, and make the Bowlplex come to fruition. The ball is now in your court.

For more information and to see how you can purchase shares, please visit their website at www.easthantsbowling.com.

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Patrick Healey
Pat has grown up in East Hants, having called Milford, and now Enfield home. He graduated from the journalism program at Holland College in 2001, and has spent time at newspapers in NL and Alberton and Summerside, PEI before becoming a reporter/photographer at The Weekly Press/The Laker in October 2008. He has a rescue kitty named Asha that is much loved—and spoiled. Pat is also our "social engagement guru." Check him out on twitter!