EDITORIAL: Let’s be proactive rather than reactive


The exit from Highway 102 into Elmsdale at Exit 8 is one I avoid at all costs — mostly because I see it as a nightmare, a nightmare that needs fixing before a tragedy happens and our politicians react to that tragedy.

With the provincial government settling back in after after winning re-election at the end of May, now is a good time to push for a safer, better entrance instead of motorists taking their lives in their own hands as they come and try to beat that car coming up from Elmsdale or from the Superstore way on Hwy. 214.

Why is it that it takes a tragedy — whether that is death or someone seriously injured — before something is done anywhere in the province? Look at twinning highways; that would have saved countless deaths if the province had gone ahead much sooner.

Why can’t our province and politicians be PROACTIVE for once instead of reactive?

It’s like the nails coming up out of the boards on the bridge in Lantz, bordering the HRM and Hants County line. Why does it take people complaining to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal for something to take place, instead of the province being proactive and doing the only thing that is right — replacing that aging bridge?

Is it going to take a school bus full of students going across and having something happen before that bridge is replaced?

Now, back to the exit ramp in Elmsdale, I certainly hope — as I see money being spent on other projects, and the federal government opening its treasure trove for funding projects — that some of that money the provincial government asks for comes for a fix in Elmsdale.

I know MLA Margaret Miller takes a lot of heat for what she does or does not do, but there’s a lot of things an MLA does on the sidelines that we, as a public, don’t see.

I am positive, based on seeing posts on social media including sites like East Hants Wants To Know, that she too is reading the concerns residents are expressing with the current way of things in Elmsdale.

On EHWTK, Stephen King, the councillor for Elmsdale, said the new interchange for Lantz and associated work will have an impact on Exit 8 and the 214 particularly regarding the selected interchange routing. If that’s the case, let’s hope that involves something for Exit 8.

All I want is a fix for that exit before it’s too late and we’re burying someone’s loved one. For once let’s be pro-active, instead of reactive.

– Pat Healey

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Patrick Healey
Pat has grown up in East Hants, having called Milford, and now Enfield home. He graduated from the journalism program at Holland College in 2001, and has spent time at newspapers in NL and Alberton and Summerside, PEI before becoming a reporter/photographer at The Weekly Press/The Laker in October 2008. He has a rescue kitty named Asha that is much loved—and spoiled. Pat is also our "social engagement guru." Check him out on twitter!