ENFIELD: The competition is underway.

Teams at the North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge, hosted by Enfield Fire, began the first of three days of competition featuring scenarios in limited and unlimited pits. Action in the rapid pit scenarios will take place Saturday, Sept. 16, before the awards banquet at the Enfield fire hall wraps up the competition for 2017.

PHOTOS: Teams in action on Day 1

A Woods Harbour firefighter tightens the rope holding the power pole that is through the windshield of a car in place so crews can work safely, and it won’t roll and hit the victim. (Healey photo)

Competitors had to deal with tough scenarios, but also hot sunny weather as they exerted energy in making their cuts and trying to get to the patient.

The lone team to get a patient out in the 20 minute time limit while Reporter Pat Healey was in attendance mid-afternoon was the Woods Harbour Shag Harbour Volunteer Fire Department.

VIDEO: Mississauga Fire begins their scenario

VIDEO: Team work to get the patient out

Action will continue Friday beginning at 8:45 a.m. as Moncton Fire does their unlimited pit. That will wrap up Monton’s competition at the challenge.

Enfield fire is scheduled to compete at 9:30 a.m. in the Limited pit, while the exact time and day they will do their Rapid pit is not yet confirmed.

The rapid action will take place Sept. 16.

Awards for the three days of action will take place Saturday night Sept. 16 at the Enfield Fire Hall.

A Mississauga Firefighter searches for a tool next to the car where there is an entrapped person. (Healey photo)

Other teams competing include: HRM Fire; Hagerman, N.Y.; Montauk, N.Y.; Mississauga, Ont.; Burlington, Ont.; Loyalist Township, Ont.; Brooklyn Fire; and Island & Barrington.

Here is the schedule for Friday and Saturday, subject to change:

Friday Saturday
Time / Pit Team Time / Pit Team
8:45 Unlimited Moncton 9:00  Limited Brooklyn
9:30 Limited Enfield 9:30 Unlimited Halifax
10:00  Unlimted Burlington
10:30 Limited Mississauga 10:30 Rapid Loyalist
11:00 Unlimited Hagerman 10:50 Rapid Montauk
11:30 Limited Island & Barrington 11:10 Rapid Woods Harbour
1:00 Unlimited Brooklyn 11:40 Rapid Burlington
1:30 Limited Montauk 12:00 Rapid Hagerman
2:00 Unlimited Loyalist 12:20 Rapid Island & Barrington
12:50 Rapid Mississauga
1:10 Rapid Brooklyn
1:30 Rapid Halifax
T.B.A. Rapid Enfield
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