Art Burton and Ben Ellis will play two of the founding fathers of confederation. (Cameron photo)

MAITLAND: The Floundering Fathers of Confederation will grace the stage in Maitland, bringing 150 years of history with a side of humour.

The play, presented by the CHArt Society of Maitland, will run from July 22 to 24. Tickets are available from Cast Members, at Frieze and Roy, and the Truro and Brookfield locations of MacQuarrie’s Pharmasaves.

Netta Burry, the play’s director, let us in on the theme.

“The idea about writing The Floundering Fathers of Confederation was to connect with 150 years since the uniting of the British colonies north of the United States,” she explained. “The content covers the erratic process of decision making. It presents the strengths, the frailty and the blunders, as the well intentioned Fathers expedite their plans to form a political union.”

The play will touch on much of the behind the scenes history not marked in normal textbooks or written pieces on the subject.

“It brings to light the unwritten (but historical correct) risque’ behaviours of the Confederate Fathers as they attempt, to woo the Maritimes into a union with the Canadas, and as the women attempt to woo them away from the plan,” said Burry.

If there is substance to this play is that lasting decisions are not necessarily made through wordy policies enforced by the few, but. by connecting to each other on a more human level of understanding and acceptance and celebrating together.”

Burry encourages all to come out.

“It is a must to see. Drop by, connect,..and have a laugh. Join us at the reception to follow the performance,” she said.

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