BELNAN: The new Garden Road Bridge is expected to be open by mid-November, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal officials say.

Work by crews from BryCon Construction was progressing as they piece-by-piece installed the bridge on Oct. 28, with many residents keeping tabs and some posting progress updates on the Facebook page ‘East Hants Wants To Know.’

Brian Taylor, spokesman with TIR, said in an email on Oct. 31 that the bridge is now in place.

“If all goes well it could be open to traffic Nov. 18,” said Taylor.

He said the construction crew has not hit any large hiccups along the way, seemingly missing big weather hurdles.

“Things have been going well,” he said. “They had about week of delays awarding the tender, but other than that, nothing major. This includes no real time lost due to weather. We’ve been lucky that major weather has hit on the weekends.”

Taylor said news of the bridge nearing its completion has been music to the ears of locals.

“Residents have been very cooperative and understanding,” said Taylor. “They are excited to have it complete. We’re pleased it’s almost ready.”

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Patrick Healey
Pat has grown up in East Hants, having called Milford, and now Enfield home. He graduated from the journalism program at Holland College in 2001, and has spent time at newspapers in NL and Alberton and Summerside, PEI before becoming a reporter/photographer at The Weekly Press/The Laker in October 2008. He has a rescue kitty named Asha that is much loved—and spoiled. Pat is also our "social engagement guru." Check him out on twitter!