How is it possible that there are people on this planet, who don’t give a woot about it?

This is actually a burning question in my mind, constantly. How can people not care about their home?

Really though. Every time I see someone litter, or throw a recyclable in the garbage it physically hurts me.

I actually don’t understand it.

And while I understand that it is difficult to take responsibility for something one is not fully responsible for, it is a problem that we all need to solve together.

September 2016, marked the hottest record temperatures in thousands of years on this planet. We face a rapidly melting artic that will submerse major cities, temperatures high enough to dry out mass amounts of forests, which will be threatened by forest fires, our ocean temperatures are higher than they ever could be naturally, there are places where people wear masks 24/7 because the quality of the air is not suitable for life.

Yet, we have a presidential candidate in the running who thinks this all just may be a hoax, and 50 per cent of his supporters don’t care either way. The most ironic part about it, is between the USA and China, they account for almost 40 per cent of the worlds carbon emissions… and so many don’t believe in climate change.

Sigh, I suppose they cannot see through the immediate benefits of pollution, all that economic gain isn’t going to amount for much when your major coastal port cities are all under water.

I just don’t get it.

Don’t we have enough proof now that global warming is a thing? That climate change does exist, and WILL be the death of us?

Everyone should feel like need to do every little thing that they can to help.

Climate change deniers, need to give their heads a shake. They all look so stupid denying this stuff, and everyone is making fun of how far their head is in the dirt.

I wonder, do the people who deny the legitimacy of these scientists believe the earth is flat? And that everything in the solar system revolves around our planet? That there is no value to modern medicine? And that gasoline and a match won’t start a massive fire? Because this, is all science. Either you believe it and respect it, or you belong in the Stone Age.

There are so many little things that you can do to make your footprint on this planet just a little smaller, that I don’t understand when people don’t take the opportunity to do them. It’s selfish, and your future great grandchildren will be cursing your graves.

Get a blue bag and sort your trash, your taxes are paying someone to come pick that up, and everyone just loooooves to complain about where their tax money is going. Take advantage of it!

I am so thankful that more than 74 countries signed on to the Paris Agreement earlier this month, committing to working towards finding a solution to these problems. But these 74 countries, account for only 59 per cent of carbon emission, I can’t help but feel like at the rate we are going, this just still isn’t enough.

And while I like the idea of a carbon tax, better than the apparent alternative, which is to just keep polluting the hell out of the world. I also don’t think that making money off pollution instead of eradicating it is going to help us much in the long run.

There are so many known ways to preserve our resources, between wind solar energy, electric vehicles, etc. I can’t help but wish someone would just step in and say out with the crap that is going to eventually kill us all.

In the mean time, please please just do what you can to protect the earth. Yes we may be planning on sending people to Mars, but guess what.. it probably won’t be you. Or your kids, or your grandkids that get sent there (and why would you want to go there? Have you seen The Martian?? That looks like a TERRIBLE way to live.)

We have a beautiful planet full of life and resources and enough to go around and take care of everyone. We may never stop corporate greed that drive the devastation of the planet, but we sure can put in a bit of work while we’re here to make things a little better.

Carpool, recycle, turn your lights off, don’t shower for an hour. Karma is all around.

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Nicole Gnazdowsky
Nicole graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University with a degree in political science in 2014 and University of King’s College with a journalism degree in 2016. She has been with The Weekly Press since May 2016. Nicole grew up in Rothesay N.B. and now lives in Halifax. She loves her dog, Madden, and travelling.