Going pain free because of socks

ENFIELD: For Dorinda MacIsaac, she’s not selling VoxxLife socks to make money — she’s doing it to help people with pain.

MacIsaac, who lives in Enfield, has seen the benefits that VoxxLife socks provide first-hand with her own father being able to be more active than what he was, thanks to using the socks from the Canadian company, launched just over a year ago.

With the socks, she has helped many people become more stable, while reducing the pain in their feet.

“They’ve shown a dramatic improvement in balance, stability and strength, but the big one is pain reduction in those who use them,” said MacIsaac. “We’ve had an amazing result with more than 94 per cent success rate in reducing pain, especially for those with diabetic neuropathy foot pain, which is incredibly difficult to treat.”

She said the public isn’t getting any younger, so this is a way to help people deal with that.

If we are not hurting, we are going to have a better quality of life,” said MacIsaac. “Seeing improvements in energy and better sleep with less symptoms is huge for me.”

MacIsaac said they are seeing incredible results with all sorts of issues. Check out Voxxlife Testimonials on Facebook from people who have MS to those with ADHD.

“This is not about curing, but helping with symptoms,” she said.

MacIsaac can be found at www.magicsocks.ca.

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Patrick Healey
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