BELNAN: Makayla Lynn has had a busy few months—and there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

The songstress from Belnan has been kept on her toes travelling to Nashville every two or three months to write, co-produce, and record her new CD, On A Dare and A Prayer, which is expected to be released later this month.

“I started recording it in September,” said Makayla Lynn. “We’ve just been picking away at it. We finished the recording process and are going back and forth to Nashville. We’ve been meeting with labels and publishers and seeing if we can get it into some hands.”

She said it’s been a “crazy process” in getting the CD ready.

“This time I am co-producing it with Smith Curry,” said Makayla Lynn. “Just co-producing it myself has been the craziest learning experience. I’ve been able to be a part of every process in making it.”

Makayla Lynn explained what being part of each step has been like.

“It’s amazing, you learn so much,” she said. “We started on the pre-production, your writing the songs. I spent most of my summer writing the songs. Then I pieced together all the songs that I had and we had to decide on 10-12 songs. We ended up liking 12 of them.

“Then we record demos of them so the musicians can hear them before they record them, then you go into the studio and you’re part of tracking day where everybody is recording the music. It is a lot of work, but it’s been so much fun.”

She headed back to Nashville on Jan. 22 where she was doing lots of writing and meetings. Makayla Lynn was just in Nashville in November.

“I’m going down to meet with people I haven’t met with yet and give them copies of albums that we have recorded,” she said. “Some of the people I have met with last time have set me up with some co-writes for this visit.

The cover on the album was designed by former Weekly Press graphic designer Danielle Shreenan.

“It’s so awesome to have someone local that you can say ‘you did the graphics for my album,’” she said.

Technology helped in the creation of each and every song on On A Dare and A Prayer.

“The cool part about this album was that I was able to write with so many fabulous writers in the Maritimes and Nashville over Skype,” Makayla Lynn said. “It was really interesting because you get different flavours from different people and songs.

“Some of the songs are of personal experiences; some of them have sentimental value; and some of them are crazy, fun upbeat stuff. I’m really happy with the variety of songs.”

Makayla Lynn has a busy summer ahead, which includes performing at the inaugural Tidefest, July 14-16 at the East Hants Sportsplex in Lantz; the Hantsport Festival; along with the PEI 911 Ride, just to name a few.

“This far out from the summer I’ve never been in a place where I’ve had so much booked already,” she said. “I’m really excited for it.”

Fans should be too, and watch for the release of On A Dare and A Prayer by this talented young singer when it becomes available.