GOFFS: Matt Rushton will be the Liberal candidate in the next provincial election in Colchester-Musquodoboit.

Rushton held one of many planned round table, town hall meetings on April 23 at the Goffs fire hall. The two hour session gave voters the opportunity to come forward and discuss some of the concerns they have for their area.

Rushton said the main concerns he hears people have about their district are road conditions, an excess of garbage on the sides of the highways, high tax rates, and the general feeling that people in rural Nova Scotia are often left out of the equation when it comes to government spending.

“I find a lot of rural Nova Scotians are being forgotten about and rural Nova Scotia is the backbone of Nova Scotia,” said Rushton.

“I care more about the people and their life and there are way too many people out there who can’t survive,” he explained.

Ruston has spent much of his life living in rural Nova Scotia, originally from the Oldham area, he eventually moved to Stewiacke where he got his start in politics as a town councillor, as such, advocating for rural Nova Scotians is of particular importance to him.

“Something I have said from the beginning, is I’m running for the people of Colchester-Musquodobit Valley,” said Rushton, “I am doing what’s best for them.”

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Nicole Gnazdowsky
Nicole graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University with a degree in political science in 2014 and University of King’s College with a journalism degree in 2016. She has been with The Weekly Press since May 2016. Nicole grew up in Rothesay N.B. and now lives in Halifax. She loves her dog, Madden, and travelling.