This is a letter that was sent to MLA Bill Horne, HRM Mayor Mike Savage, Premier Stephen McNeil, and Councillor Steve Streatch. It was also sent to us here at The Weekly Press.

Hello Mr. Horne,

I have been following the papers with regards to the rock quarry development by Scotian Materials and

I am completely appalled by what I am reading in the newspaper July 2017 Laker.( re NSE decision on Fall

River quarry “disappointing ” ). Being born and raised in the Port Wallis area, using Waverley to Enfield as my

old stomping grounds, and being a long standing resident of Fall River, I have not voiced my opinion

previously due to the fact that when I found out about any community meetings into the matter, it was

too late, the meetings were over. ( very poor advertising ) With this being said, I also trusted that the Provincial

Gov’t Enviro Dept. and the Municipal Gov’t Mayor Mike Savage and our councillor Steven Streatch would

have opposed the quarry based on the supposedly strict environmental laws involving waterways.


1) The whole area within a radius of approximately 40 miles / 64 km encompassing Miller Lake and the

quarry was mined for gold and other metals which does and will continue to leach arsenic and other


2) The whole area, as above in #1 is slate rock. Refer to the challenges Sobeys encounters within their

development of the grocery store complex with regards to acidic water runoff into our lakes.

3) When the airport and business complex was developed ( starting 1950 through 1960’s ), due to blasting,

slate rock composition, and construction there was a massive fish kill due to toxins/chemicals being

washed into Miller Lake and other surrounding lake with run offs through Lake Thomas to Grand Lake

( part of the historic Shubenacadie Canal water system). At the time the airport complex was

built, environmental issues were not as stringent as they are supposed to be today A point of interest, the

airport complex still takes and processes the water and runoff through a treating plant before it enters the

waterway system.

4) Blasting is a very serious contentious issue for the whole area due to the shock waves travelling far

distances. An example: I cannot prove with 100% accuracy ( in relation to my basement floor sitting on

bedrock ) that cracks formed after blasting in the St. Andrews Village area approximately 10 to 15 years

ago. I have lived in my home for over 35 years without any basement issues until the blasting. The distance

from my home to the area in question is approximately 1/2 to 2 mile in a direct line. If this quarry is

allowed to be developed, the same issues will occur to the existing business and homes within the Miller Lake

and surrounding areas. Damage to home foundationswill occur, wells will become contaminated with slate

rock contaminates, arsenic and other toxic materials. My biggest fear is the natural gas line running very close

to this said quarry. If the gas line company requires to blast in an area, only small blast charges are used

around business / residential areas. Scotian Material will be using large blasting charges which will have

serious effects on the surrounding areas.

5) People of the Miller Lake West area owning home will and are having trouble selling their homes due

to the threat of this project being allowed to be operational.

My request to you Mr. Horne, knowing that you retired from the Environmental Department after many

years, is to stop this ATROCITY from happening. I am NOT interested in politicians sleeping with business so

called opportunities with companies having deep pockets and to put feathers in their hats with the good old boys.

I am NOT interested in Scotian Materials intent to compete with Dexters Municipal quarry for business.

Our politics is supposed to be run by the people and NOT companies.

We already have a number of quarry companies, some small, some large with deep pockets so let’s use them instead of destroying a very important waterway and eco system all for the sake of quarry competitions and financial greed.

A question to you Sir, in the past it has be stated by operators that the small quarry operations have asked

permission to expand and have been denied, but when Scotian Materials comes to OUR area, they are allowed

to develop a quarry.

Why is this allowed? Is it due to deep pockets and a competition war with Dexters?

Make the Provincial Gov’t Environmental Department and the Municipal Gov’t follow 100% to the letter of the

law that exist in the Environmental Act.

Having people in the Provincial Environmental Dept with NO knowledge and experience in the job is a disaster waiting to happen.



Wendall MacLeod

Fall River