Career firefighter Chris Myers (second from left) hands Deputy Chief Todd Pepperdine his helmet as he retires as a career firefighter from Enfield fire after 33 years. Also pictured are past members Adrian Lohnes and Glen Crews. (Healey photos)

ENFIELD: Chris Myers has hung up his firefighter helmet for the last time as a career firefighter with Enfield Volunteer Fire.

The Enfield native is retiring earlier than he had wanted after 33 years in the service due to health issues. A best wishes lunch was held by several of the members—past and present—from Enfield as well as Elmsdale Fire Chief Kevin Goodman and now Truro career firefighter Mitch Shewfelt, both who stopped by to wish Myers well.

Chris Myers reads a card that is signed by all those past and rpesent members who were at his best wishes dinner put on at the fire hall. (Healey photo)

While the Enfield native will be retiring as a career firefighter, he plans to remain with the department as a volunteer firefighter, much like Cecil Dixon did several years ago when he stepped back as a career firefighter.

Following a best wishes dinner on Oct. 20, Myers spoke about his time as a career firefighter.

“I have had a great career,” he said, who joined back in the mid-1980s. “It’s going to be nice to retire and take it easy. I’ll still remain part of the volunteer fire service and stop in to see the guys and girls here. They’re great people, great friendships. I can’t give those up.”

When asked what calls stood out over the years, he said there were too many fires that impacted him during his career.

“I remember we had the fire at the old school house on the corner of the Horne Settlement Road, that was pretty spectacular,” he said.

He thought he was coming for dinner with one firefighter—when he showed up there was close to 35 people there to wish him well.

“That was really great to see,” he said.

A sign that many firefighters signed to show Chris Myers their support and wish him well. (Healey photo)

Myers had a message for residents of East Hants.

“Get out and join your local fire service,” he said. “It takes a lot of time and commitment, but you’ll gain a lot from it.”

As he left the fire hall, everyone in attendance wished Myers nothing but the best as he moves into retirement.

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